Enterprise: Length of Rental Up 1.7 Days Year Over Year

Hawaii had the lowest LOR in the country at 13.7 days, an increase of 0.8 days compared to Q4 2021.

Source: Enterprise

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has released its Length of Rental (LOR) data for Q4 2022. According to the data report, LOR was up 1.7 days (at 18.7 days in Q4 2022) year over year and up one half-day from Q3 2022.

Enterprise’s LOR data continued to show a fourth-quarter increase over Q3 of the same year – usually due to winter weather, animal accidents, and holiday travel. In Q3 2022, there was a three-day increase for LOR year over year.

When looking at the U.S. states, Louisiana had the highest overall LOR at 22.3 days, a one-day increase over its Q4 2021 results, according to the data report. Oklahoma took second place at 21.4 days, followed by Rhode Island at 21.1 days and Georgia at 21.0 days. Ten more U.S. states showed LOR above 20 days.

Hawaii had the lowest LOR in the country at 13.7 days, an increase of 0.8 days compared to Q4 2021. Alaska saw the highest year-over-year increase at 4.5 days. Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, and Washington had increases of 3 days or more. Year over year, every state saw an increase, but New Jersey, Vermont, Wyoming, Hawaii, California, and New York were less than one full day.

Part issues, technician staffing, and more complex repairs were referenced by industry experts as factors for longer repair times, according to the report.

Source: Enterprise

LOR associated with drivable claims was 16.2 days in Q4 2022, a 1.7-day increase from Q4 2021. Rhode Island had the highest drivable LOR at 19.3 days, followed by Louisiana at 18.9 days, Georgia at 18.7 days, Oklahoma at 18.7 days, Tennessee at 18.2 days, and Oregon at 18.1 days. The lowest drivable LOR was North Dakota at 11.3 days.

LOR associated with non-drivable claims was 27.1 days in Q4 2022, a 2.8-day increase from Q4 2021. Louisiana had the highest non-drivable LOR at 33.2 days, a 3.7-day increase from Q4 2021. Nine other states showed non-drivable LOR higher than 30 days, with eight more state with LOR above 29 days. Iowa and New York had the lowest non-drivable LOR at 23 days each.

LOR with totals was 18.2 days, an increase of 0.6 days from Q4 2021. Hawaii had the highest total loss LOR at 24.6 days, an increase of 4.3 days from last year, followed by Oregon at 21.4 days and North Carolina at 21.0 days. On the other end, North Dakota had a total loss LOR of 14.9 days, followed by Vermont and Wisconsin at 15.9 days each.

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