Enter Now For Your Chance To Win This Beefy 1966 Chevrolet II Nova

Relive the glory days of America’s muscle car era by entering to win this restored 1966 Chevrolet II Nova. Fully restored, and with $13,000 to cover the applicable taxes, this Chevy has the power and the sound to transport you back to the 1960s for some four-on-the-floor fun. You can enter right here, and each donation of $25 or more receives double the tickets, which means there are double the chances to win, so don’t pass this up!

The restored 1966 Nova wraps its Regal Red, two-door body around a black interior and a 327-cubic-inch Turbo-Jet V8 – an L79 for you GM engine nerds – that pairs to a four-speed manual transmission. The engine produces a stout 350 horsepower (260 kilowatts), put to the ground through GM’s Positraction rear end. It comes with a dual exhaust system that should help it turn heads on cruise night.

The Chevy II Nova, which would drop the “II” from its name for 1969, is a car from a bygone era that lacks the digitization of today’s vehicles. There are no screens or fancy infotainment systems or wannabe virtual assistants getting in the way. It’s just you, the car, a V8 under the hood, and the shifter in your hand.

The $13,000 in cash helps cover the applicable taxes if you win, which will make enjoying your new classic ride much more effortless without having to worry about the tax man spoiling the fun.

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Right now is your chance to win this sweet muscle car-era Chevy II Nova that’s been fully restored inside and out. Don’t miss this opportunity! To win, all you have to do is click here to donate to Dream Giveaway’s favored charities. Motor1.com readers who enter the giveaway will receive a special bonus, earning double the tickets for a donation of $25 or more. Hurry to enter now before this classic car disappears forever.

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