Electrify Canada To Provide 2 Years Free Charging For VW e-Golf Owners

Only 2020 eGolfs are eligible for enrollment.

New Volkswagen e-Golf owners in Canada will be treated to two years of free charging on the Electrify Canada network, thanks to an agreement announced today. 

It’s important to note that the program is only available for owners or leasees of a 2020 model year e-Golf, and not previous year’s models. If you’ve already taken delivery of a 2020 e-Golf in Canada you’re in luck. That’s because you can still enroll in the program and manage your charging plan through the newly launched Electrify Canada mobile app, available for Android and iPhone. However, owners of 2019 and earlier e-Golf models are not eligible. 

“Our goal is to make EV adoption accessible to every driver and we are excited to be expanding our relationship with Volkswagen Canada,” said Robert Barrosa, chief operating officer of Electrify Canada. “Electrify Canada’s charging stations are designed to help EV drivers get to where they want to go – both with the speed of which they charge and strategic locations in convenient areas. This new charging plan serves as extra incentive for drivers to make the switch to electric.” 

The program allows unlimited, free 30-minute charging sessions. Since the e-Golf can accept up to 50 kW on Electrify Canada’s high-speed DC charging stations, the 30-minute session will replenish roughly 70% to 75% of the 35.8 kWh battery, provided it’s charging at full speed.

It’s unclear if the customer can unplug and immediately initiate a new charging session to top off if more range is needed, but we suspect that would be allowed.

I personally had a 2018 BMW i3s that came with 2 years of unlimited DC fast charging on the EVgo network and that’s precisely how that program worked. After 30 minutes of charging the session would automatically end. However, if I needed more juice, I could simply start another free session immediately after without needing to wait.