Electric RV Concept With Range-Extending Rotary Engine Isn't A Mazda

As for the motorhome, it’s based on Knaus’ familiar Ti 650 MEG Vansation, built from a Fiat chassis. It can sleep three people and is fully equipped with a complete kitchen, bathroom with a shower, and two 25-gallon (95-liter)tanks for fresh and waste water. Since there’s no transmission in this concept, Knaus installs a simple push-button panel in the dash along with a large touchscreen to monitor and manage the various systems.

It is only a concept at this time so the E.Power Drive is not available for purchase. However, it does point to an electrified camping future from the noted German-based RV manufacturer. It also shows that interest in the rotary engine isn’t limited to Mazda.


Knaus Tabbert via New Atlas

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