Electric MINI Cooper SE Review And Range Test

Reviewers have so far praised the MINI SE for being fun, but not for going far on one charge.

The EPA says the new all-electric MINI Cooper SE can do a claimed 110 miles (177 km) on a single charge of its 32.6 kWh battery pack. And it seems that you can really get close to that estimate in real world driving conditions, although there is one asterisk.

In order to even dream of coming close to what the EPA says it should do, you need to put the car in its greenest possible mode (called Green+) which aside from dulling acceleration also disables climate functions and seat warmers. This is what Rory Reid did in his MINI SE review for AutoTrader and with a full battery achieved a range of 98 miles.

Reid points out that even though the range meter becomes overly optimistic when the car is in Green+ (showing as much as 180 miles or 290 km range on a single charge), it is advisable to use it to make the most of what charge there is in the battery.

But while the MINI SE’s range isn’t anything special among the latest crop of modern EVs, Reid is keen to mention that it really is remarkably fun to toss around a twisty road. And because of its excellent chassis (and the EV model’s near perfect weight distribution), you can really maintain a lot of speed through the bends and thus not have to brake and accelerate back up to speed.

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