Einride Demonstrates One Operator-Multiple Vehicle Capability

A single operator and up to 10 autonomous electric vehicles under control? Einride says it’s coming.

Swedish startup Einride, engaged in autonomous electric vehicles, has demonstrated for the very first time its one operator, multiple vehicle capability at a customer site.

The company has used two of its electric T-pod vehicles, which can drive autonomously for most of the time (see more info here), but from time to time might require intervention from the operator to complete more difficult maneuvers.

The innovation here is that a single operator can control both vehicles remotely, if required. The number of vehicles per single operator is expected to increase to several or even up to 10 ultimately.

“For the first time, Einride is publicly showcasing its one operator to multiple vehicle capability in action at a customer site. This technology sets the precedent for a future where one remote operator can take responsibility for several self-driving Pods, monitoring them when in autonomous mode and taking active control of a vehicle for unforeseen or more complicated maneuvers, such as parking at a loading dock.”

Making such a system is not a trivial thing, because it not only has to work in real-time, but also remain secure from hackers, as Pär Degerman, CTO of Einride, explains:

“The remote operation and oversight of autonomous vehicles requires robust real-time video and data transmission, managed through a secure channel over often insecure infrastructure. With this milestone, we are laying the technical foundation for swift and easy switching between vehicles as well as the ongoing scaling of this functionality. Not only can we switch between monitored vehicles, but also between operators in different geographical locations, increasing the flexibility of our system exponentially,”.