E10 fuel ‘without doubt’ making fuel economy worse, could cost hundreds extra a year

E10 biofuel: Department for Transport explains why it’s ‘better'

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E10 fuel was introduced to forecourts at the beginning of September as the new standard grade of petrol. When it was launched, the Department for Transport said it would have a slight effect on fuel economy – generally around one percent.

It did say this would be almost unnoticeable when driving, with other factors like driving style and the weight of the vehicle having a bigger impact.

Express.co.uk reader yorkieboy44 mentioned the issue they were having with E10, saying it had led to a big drop in fuel economy.

They claimed: “I am using 90 litres more on a tank full of petrol tham before. (sic)

“This is one way the Government can force people into electric cars.

“However as they cannot afford them this will have an impact on car production and jobs.”

This could have a huge impact on drivers, as a drop in fuel economy could mean the need to fill up more frequently.

With fuel prices increasing and traffic returning to pre-pandemic levels, drivers may be at the forecourt more often.

Fellow commenter, Love_Brexit_Britain had a similar experience, claiming: “My car used to do 460 miles per full tank, now with E10 it only does 400 MPFT.

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“The EU tore up 700k hectares of pristine South American rainforest to grow oil producing palms to supply Europe with bio oil that is added to our E10 fuel.

“That damages our cars and reduces fuel economy!”

This may lead to more serious consequences, as some drivers may be paying hundreds or even thousands of pounds extra on fuel every year.

User Comments Unavailable agreed, saying: “It does without doubt give less MPG.

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