E-scooter Christmas boom may lead to ‘more very serious collisions’ as most unaware of law

Police seizing e-scooters minutes after purchase says spokesman

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New polling from the Major Trauma Group found that less than one in four British adults strongly or somewhat agreed that they know all the legal requirements for renting an e-scooter. Over half of the people who were polled in Nottingham, Norwich, Liverpool and Newcastle strongly or somewhat disagreed that they know all the legal requirements.

Despite lack of general awareness of current rules for e-scooter trials, there continues to be demand for an increased rollout of e-scooters.

The majority of people between the age of 16 and 34 are keen to see the Government make renting e-scooters more easily available across the UK showing a strong appetite in young people for new methods of transport.

Trevor Sterling, Chair of the Major Trauma Group, commented on how potential riders need to adhere to the driving laws.

He said: “Whilst e-scooter technology is very exciting and will support the UK in our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, the rollout of these vehicles should not be expedited without effective public education while the risk to road users remains so high.

“Without proper understanding of the rules and regulations, e-scooter users risk severely injuring themselves, pedestrians or other road users.

“All serious safety concerns and lack of regulation must be addressed before the Government progresses with any additional trials in order to prevent further accidents.”

The Major Trauma Group is a national service to assist people affected by major trauma, established by leading law firms in collaboration with medical clinicians.

The Group supports people affected by major trauma achieve the best outcome on their rehabilitation and recovery journey, as well as ensuring their financial security for the future.

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They have previously worked with the Thomas Pocklington Trust to campaign for more e-scooters to be fitted with artificial noise devices.

This has been called for by many organisations to help those with visual impairments to feel safer, especially with e-scooters becoming more popular in the UK.

In response to this, law firm Bolt Burdon Kemp is warning that the UK could see an influx of e-scooter accidents as they are bought as Christmas presents.

They also warned that many who have bought the personal transportation vehicles may be unaware of the laws surrounding them.

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