Driving to Europe can be quicker and cheaper than airport flight chaos

Driving abroad: RAC's tips for driving in Europe

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Thousands of holidaygoers have seen their flights cancelled this summer with easyJet and British Airways scrapping countless flights as a result of staff shortages. But Britons are being told to remain hopeful of a summer getaway, and it may be cheaper and less hassle than the airports.

Taking the car can actually be just as cost-effective as hopping on a plane, with the added bonus of knowing that the flight won’t be cancelled.

British holidaymakers are now facing tough decisions over whether to risk booking flights abroad for their summer holiday – but driving is a surprisingly viable alternative. 

Using Stratford-upon-Avon as a starting point in the UK, ChooseMyCar found that some European destinations were actually cheaper to get to via car.

This is especially true when factoring in the costs of hiring cars if you opt to fly instead.

Based on the example given, the total journey time from Stratford-upon-Avon to Gatwick Airport with a flight to Nice would be around 12 hours without any delays or cancellations.

The total cost for a family of four would be around £1,130, which includes petrol, airport parking, food and drink, flights and a taxi transfer or £2,130 with car hire.

In comparison, driving to Nice would not take too much longer than flying and could actually cost less.

It would take around 15 hours, with the largest costs coming from petrol (£465), the ferry from Dover to Calais (£289) and tolls (£230) for a total of £1,134.

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Nick Zapolski, founder of ChooseMyCar.com, said that the research gave many families hope that they could still enjoy a holiday abroad this summer.

He added: “It’s not surprising that many people have decided not to bother going away because of all the airport chaos and risk of cancellations.

“But driving can actually be a great way of seeing Europe, as well as having no risk of cancellations. 

“I for one would be happy to spend a bit more time and money if it meant guaranteeing a break away for me and my family.”

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Savings can also be seen when driving from the UK to Naples in Italy.

In total, it would cost approximately £1,650 to fly as a family of four, or £2,600 with car hire, along with a 13-hour journey time.

When driving, it can take slightly longer at 22 hours, but it will cost around £1,450.

This takes into account fuel costs, the ferry and any necessary hotel stops.

Many may also enjoy the journey more as they would be crossing through a number of European countries, as well as some stunning cities including Lucerne, Como and Florence.

Another popular destination for this summer is the seaside town of La Rochelle on the Bay of Biscay.

Driving could see holidaymakers save around £550 on a journey which would take just one hour longer than flying.

Flying from Gatwick to La Rochelle would cost around £1,370 or £2,370 and takes 10 hours without any delays based on their estimates.

If driving, it would cost just £723 for 11 hours of travelling including the ferry from Dover to Calais.

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