Driving tests: Are driving tests cancelled in lockdown?

People are only supposed to leave the house for four reasons. They are for infrequent shopping for basic necessities like food or medicine; for one form of exercise a day; for a medical need or to take care of the vulnerable; to go to work, but only if that can’t be done from home.

Are driving tests cancelled in lockdown?

Driving tests and lessons are not considered essential tasks by the Government in a lockdown.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has cancelled driving tests except those for critical workers.

Those key workers include those in health and social care, education and childcare, key public services, local and national government, food and other necessary goods, public safety and national security, transport and those in utilities, communication and financial services.


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Theory tests and driving tests have been suspended to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The cancellation lasts up to and including April 20 for theory tests, for up to three months for driving tests.

This applies to all types of theory tests, driving tests and approved driving instructor (ADI) standards checks.

Driving tests are suspended for up to three months and theory tests are suspended up to and including April 20.

Theory tests have been automatically cancelled and refund will be issued.

People can still book, change or cancel theory tests for April 21 onwards.

Regarding driving tests, people get an email informing them that their test has been rebooked.

The email will detail the new date and time of the driving test.

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It’s possible to cancel a driving test and get a full refund now.

Anyone wishing to do this should email the DVSA ([email protected]), include their full name and two of the following pieces of information: driving licence number, theory test pass certificate number, driving test booking reference.

The DVSA said: “If you have not booked a driving test, you’ll be unable to do so at the moment.

“When driving tests start again, priority will be given to people who had their test cancelled. This means you will have to wait longer than usual.”

Critical workers wishing to book an emergency theory or driving test should email the DVSA.

They must send a photo or a scanned image of a valid ID such as as a work ID badge.

If they do not have an ID badge, they can send an email from a work email address, evidence from their employer – such as an email or scanned document including company letterhead – a scan of their payslip

This is not an exhaustive list and evidence will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

They also need to tell the DVSA their telephone number, preferred test location, the type of driving test (car, car and trailer, motorcycle, lorry, bus or coach), driving licence number,

the driving test reference number (if they have one), and their theory test certificate number.

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