Driving at constant speed can ‘significantly affect fuel consumption’ – money saving tips

Petrol prices: GMB guest warns of 'apocalyptic' rises

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Searches for “fuel costs” have risen by 50 percent in the last seven days, according to Google Trends. And, motoring experts from Zuto have now offered some tips to help drivers save money when on the road. These include considering the vehicle’s road tax and reducing air conditioning usage.

Current data from RAC Fuel Watch shows an average price of 162.64p for a litre of petrol with diesel drivers being set back 176.90p.

On top of the fuel prices, drivers are also faced with increasing costs of living, so it is not surprising that motorists are looking to save money wherever they can.

Car experts at Zuto have, therefore, compiled a number of tips that could ensure drivers use their fuel as efficiently as possible and that they are not spending more money than they need to.

There are many ways motorists can be more fuel-efficient, from removing excess weight in the car to avoiding over usage of air-conditioning.

The first thing that drivers should do is be aware of their miles per gallon.

Zuto experts said: “Being aware of your car’s MPG (miles per gallon) will give you an idea of how fuel-efficient your car is, with the higher your MPG being, the more fuel-efficient it is.

“This can vary from the model and make of your car.

“There are a few tips which can help to improve your MPG.

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“For example, for long journeys, it is best to drive at a constant speed to maximise MPG.”

Next on the list is tyre pressure.

By performing a tyre pressure check at least once a month, motorists can ensure that their tyres are sufficiently inflated at all times.

Having under-inflated tyres can not only put drivers and their passengers at risk, but also cost more money by affecting fuel efficiency.

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