Drivers warned to expect massive spike in car accidents next week

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Claims data from the past eight years show that during term time, there are 68 percent more accidents taking place during the morning school run between 8am and 9am. Based on the information, car accidents during school run hours peak in September.

These accidents are more likely to happen in the morning, compared to the afternoon, with 33 percent more accidents before the start of the school day.

Admiral Insurance is warning drivers to take care as children start the new school year next week.

The number of accidents between the hours of 8am and 9am and 4pm and 5pm rises by 36 percent during term time.

Around one in seven car accidents which occur in September happen during these hours.

Lorna Connelly, head of claims at Admiral Insurance, warned drivers to expect more traffic and to be aware of a potential increase in accidents.

She said: “Our roads are about to get much busier again in rush hours, as parents join the traffic when the schools return in September.

“We’re urging all drivers to take extra care on the roads this month as our claims data from the last three years reveals September is the highest month for accidents during school run hours.”

There were around 26 percent fewer accidents during the summer holidays between the school run hours when compared with term time.

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Between the hours of 8am and 9am in the school holidays, 40 percent fewer accidents were reported.

However, this figure was just seven percent lower in the afternoon school run hours.

Lorna Connelly added: “Worryingly, when comparing school holiday accident data with accident data during term time, we can see that accidents during the hours of school collection and drop off increase by 36 percent.

“Many reasons may contribute to this increase, but it is likely down to driver frustrations, an increase in traffic, and time pressures on motorists such as needing to be in work or being late for school that lead to mistakes or accidents.

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“Motorists should pay particular attention at the beginning of the day.  

“Since 2019, around a quarter of the accident claims reported to us, that took place during the school run, were for cars being hit in the rear, which can be caused by driving to closely and not paying attention.

“This goes to show how important it is to ensure that during busier periods on the road you are attentive and patient when behind the wheel.”  

Admiral are urging drivers to allow extra time for people’s trips to ensure time pressures and frustrations don’t cause simple mistakes.

Motorists should also consider other motorists when parking their car, to ensure a steady flow of traffic can get through.

When on the road, drivers should be attentive to cars directly in front of them and leave ample space to brake and react.

Incidents during this time most commonly involve hitting another vehicle’s rear.

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