Drivers warned to avoid a costly mistake at the petrol pumps – ‘price has gone up’

Woolwich resident says petrol prices are 'astronomical'

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Abigayle is the auto expert behind She Talks Cars. The expert reviews cars and posts tips on her social media. She boasts a huge 86.1k followers on her TikTok account, shetalkscars, where she shared some hacks to reduce fuel consumption.

Speaking on the rising petrol prices, Abigayle said: “This is just ridiculous. To heat our homes the price is going up, now to fuel our cars the price has gone up.”

“It’s not going to change any time soon, but I’ve got you.”

The expert detailed five tips for drivers to cut their fuel costs.

One of which may surprise drivers is to never fill up your tank. While it may seem counterintuitive, there is some logic behind the tip.

Tips to cut fuel costs

Don’t fill up a full tank

Abigayle said: “You might think, well what if people are panic buying fuel? But, fuel is really heavy.”

A fuel tank of petrol weighs around 43.2kg, which is the same as driving around with five Dachshunds in your car.

The more a car weights, the more petrol has to be burned to move it, reducing fuel efficiency.

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Declutter your car

Abigayle said: “Anything that you don’t need, get rid of it.

“More weight in the car, more fuel consumption.”

Keep your tyres pumped up

“For every 10 percent that your tyres are underinflated, you are using three percent more fuel. That’s a lot.”

It’s a good idea to regularly check air pressure, as tyres lose about two pounds of air pressure a month.

Staying on top of your tyre’s air pressure will save you money in the long wrong.

No harsh braking

Abigayle said: “Every time you break you are actually wasting fuel. Obviously, still use your break.”

Driving more smoothly helps with fuel economy. It is sometimes called hypermiling. Abigayle previously explained how to hypermile to save money on petrol. 

Slow down

Lastly, Abigayle said: “Heavy foot means you are going to be using more fuel.

“Planning your journeys better and setting off ahead of time means you don’t feel the need to have to drive faster.”

Drivers have been advised to take advantage of another fuel-saving hack, especially during the current heatwave. 

Using aircon burns fuel, but using a certain button in the car can help keep cars cooler and save drivers cash.

The button is likely to be found near your aircon and heating settings, as it pertains to them.

It usually looks like an icon of the outside of a car with an arrow moving around the inside of it.

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