Drivers urged to ditch petrol station hack after huge fuel shift

Woolwich resident says petrol prices are 'astronomical'

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According to RAC fuel watch, drivers face costs of 162.43p for a litre of petrol, while diesel prices remain mostly stagnant at 180.28p. Experts have warned prices could be set to rise again.

Despite the cost of fuel falling, many drivers are still using certain techniques and methods to reduce their fuel bills.

These habits apply to the style of driving as well as their routine at the petrol station.

When it comes to filling up the car, drivers will aim to fill up their tank to the nearest whole number.

By doing this, they will wait for the pump clicks to a halt for the first time, but this may be wasting fuel.

The technique, known as “topping off”, could mean that the fuel will run into the small drain under the entry and onto the ground.

When the pump automatically shuts off, that should be the signal to the driver that the fuel tank is filled.

Putting more fuel into an already full tank can damage the car’s vapour recovery system.

The American Environmental Protection Agency has warned against “topping off” over fears it will cause air pollution.

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Donald Walsh, regional administrator for the EPA, urged drivers to avoid the practice when at the fuel station.

He said: “EPA and our partners, are encouraging all drivers to stop topping off their gas tanks.

“Being exposed to gasoline fumes can increase health risks. And the chemicals in gasoline vapour contribute to the formation of ozone air pollution.”

This comes as experts are warning drivers of potential price increases in the UK and around the world after a major decision to cut the amount of oil that gets exported.

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The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC+) will cut production by two million barrels per day.

Experts say this will send gas and oil prices back up after a period of stability where wholesale costs had fallen in recent weeks.

Reacting to the news, Simon Williams, fuel spokesperson at the RAC, warned that prices may rise again.

He added: “Such a deep oil production cut will inevitably see oil prices rise, forcing up the wholesale cost of fuel. 

“The question is when, and to what extent, retailers choose to pass these increased costs on at their forecourts. 

“Despite three straight months of pump prices coming down, we believe that in many cases drivers are being charged more to fill up today than they should be based on average wholesale prices over the last few weeks. 

“If we see pump prices go up within the next fortnight, we’ll know that retailers are sticking to their strategy of taking far more margin on every litre they sell than they have historically – much to the dismay of drivers up and down the country.

“We’ll be watching what retailers do when it comes to pump prices closely in the next few weeks.”

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