Drivers reject suggestions to replace cars with electric bikes

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British drivers have rejected driving law suggestions that electric bikes could one day replace cars across the nation’s roads.

A new survey from AutoTrader found that e-bikes would “supplement” and “not supplant” car usage across the nation.

The new ‘e-bikes and micromobility: The Future of Travel?’ report published by the used car marketplace revealed consumers “did not see e-bikes as a replacement for their car”.

Just 47 percent of the 1,582 road users polled said they could use an e-bike to replace shorter car journeys.

However, just 10 percent said the clean bikes could replace all journeys with a whopping 43 percent admitting they would not use an e-bike for any trips.

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Of the 745 motorists who said they would consider e-bikes, less than five percent said they would use them to travel more than 15 miles.

Ian Plummer, AutoTrader’s Commercial Director, said there were some who recognised the possible benefits of using e-bikes.

However, he stressed that owning a car was still of “great importance” with many relying on their vehicles to get around.

Mr Plummer argued there were still “barriers” to adoption and urged the Government to do more to drive people towards embracing sustainable travel.

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He explained: “Consumers understand that by making more positive changes and using e-bikes where possible, can help reduce pollution on the roads and combat climate change.

“Despite this, there are still several barriers to adoption which is slowing growth in the e-bike market so financial incentives, improvements in cycling infrastructure and greater promotion of the benefits of e-bikes to the wider population from both industry and government is vital to ensure Brits have the confidence to purchase and use an e-bike on the roads in the years to come.”

The survey found there were still several reservations among Britons about owning an electric bike.

Around 50 percent said they were worried about the costs of the machines with 46 percent concerned about road safety.

A staggering 37 percent said they would not use their e-bike enough if they owned one while 31 percent raised fears about a lack of bike lanes.

Michelle Jakeway, head of strategic marketing partnerships at Raleigh claimed e-bikes had a “unique role to play” in reducing transport emissions.

But, she also accepted there was a lot of work to do before electronic bikes reached the mainstream.

She commented: “In order to take the e-bike revolution to the next stage in the UK, we need to see an increase in safe and continuous cycling infrastructure, alongside financial support to help people make the shift.”

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