Drivers issued urgent warning for ‘crash for cash’ scams as hotspots named – ‘lure you in’

Nextbase share ‘Crash for Cash’ dash cam footage

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The cases are on the rise and spreading out to other locations, with BBC1’s Morning Live expert Rav Wilding urging drivers to keep an eye out when on the road. Fraudsters will use crash for cash schemes to claim insurance money from unsuspecting victims, usually performing an “induced crash”.

The fraudsters will deliberately slam on the brakes coming up to a roundabout or in the middle of the road.

The driver behind will usually slam into the back of their car, causing a collision.

Following this, the criminals will file an insurance claim will go in, asking for loss of earnings or personal injury.

These scams often happen with multiple occupants in the car, resulting in multiple claims being filed against the innocent member of the public.

Rav Wilding called the scams “really, really important” and urged all drivers to watch out for anyone they think may deliberately be doing it.

There are currently a handful of hotspots where drivers are being warned they could be targeted.

This includes Birmingham, Bradford, Walsall, Blackburn, Romford, Manchester, Luton and London.

However, a range of cities have been highlighted as seeing rising numbers of scams including Milton Keynes, Nottingham and Derby.

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A specific warning was given to smaller towns and villages, as drivers there may not have experienced these sorts of practices before.

Rav Wilding added: “Again, I’m urging our viewers to really take note of this so they don’t get caught up in this horrible and dangerous practice.

“I would say really watch out for who is on the roads, especially the vehicles in front.

“Very often they do a number of these in one day by the same gang, so they may have damage to the rear of their vehicle.

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“If there is damage, really be careful. Sometimes they disconnect their brake lights so you don’t see them braking from the lights, so watch out for that.

“Make sure you keep your distance, especially if there’s multiple occupants and damage to the car.

“A great way of protecting yourself is a dashcam. You can buy one if you’re on a budget for just over £20, for £30 you can definitely get one.

“A much better one you can get for £100 and it can reduce your insurance if you’ve got one so it’s worth speaking to your insurers.

“It can really save you with your insurers.”

Some scammers may also flash their lights to allow another driver to come through and then advance forward causing another crash.

Rav Wilding told drivers not to allow people to “lure you in” and urge victims to report the crime to the police, the insurance company and the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB).

New crash for cash hotspots

  1. Frome, Somerset

  2. Worksop, Nottinghamshire

  3. Cirencester, Gloucestershire

  4. Milton Keynes

  5. Nottingham

  6. Shrewsbury

  7. Warrington, Cheshire

  8. Leicester

  9. Ashby, Leicestershire

  10. Derby

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