Drivers could face fines up to £2,500 and points for failing to check their windscreen

What changes are being made to the Highway Code?

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Motorists could be easily caught out by small chips on the glass. And with the windscreen being an essential part of a car’s structure, any cracks or chips could prove costly for British drivers. Scratches in the windscreen are not just unsightly, but they could also compromise a driver’s vision and result in a costly fine.

On top of the heavy fines, motorists could have three penalty points added to their licence for having their visibility impeded.

The windscreen acts as protection from wind and rain, and a clear, undamaged glass pane is essential to be able to drive safely.

A scratched window could be caused by stone chips or loose road debris but will inevitably affect how well the driver can see the road.

If chips develop into cracks, motorists may be unable to see approaching traffic or other road hazards.

Minor scratches and small chips can also dazzle or create glare for the driver when sunlight or other drivers’ headlights bounce off the glass.

Car finance experts at CarMoney have revealed how much motorists could be fined if they drive with a chip that develops into a crack.

They said that it is vital to check a car for scratches to avoid unwelcome consequences.

A scratch in a windscreen could develop into a crack which may result in a £2,500 fine and three points on the licence.

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It is considered a motoring offence because drivers might be deemed to be using a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

The Highway Code dictates that drivers need to have a full and clear view of the road ahead so the glass must therefore be in a good condition.

If driving with a cracked windscreen and an accident occurs, motorists could also be charged with a more serious driving offence for “using a vehicle in a dangerous condition.”

A small crack could see motorists slapped with a £50 Fixed Penalty Notice if pulled over by police.

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