Driver handed £70 fine for parking at ASDA for 13 minutes under ‘boy racers’ rule

National Trust member criticises new parking charges

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A North-Staffordshire man has vowed to boycott shopping at ASDA after he was issued a parking fine of £70 for parking there on a Sunday when the store was closed. He said he was only in the car park for a total of 13 minutes while he searched for an open store nearby.

The shopper may have been hit with the fine due to new rules put in place to curb the amount of ‘boy racers’ at the retail park that includes the ASDA Wolstanton.

The restrictions limit the time allowed for parking at the store to 45 minutes and only between certain times of day.

Local residents had complained of hordes of cars with loud exhausts and blaring music massing at the superstore.

It resulted in new signs outlining cars would be photographed and fined for being in the car park outside of set hours.

But the man said he had no idea about the new rules and only stopped in order to use his phone to see where else to go.

The shopper said: “I recently took a visit to Asda, like I always do, to buy some food.

“I parked up, prepared myself to go into the store and then realised it was closed as it was a Sunday.

“I got back to my car and had a Google of places that were open. I was there for a total of 13 minutes.”

Some days later the man was stunned to receive a fine through the post demanding £70 in payment.

“I have taken my fine into the store as I thought maybe they had made a mistake,” he explained.

“A lady at the desk told me there is nothing they can do as I’m ‘only a customer and not a member of staff’ and that ‘parking up out of store hours results in an instant fine’.

“I was devastated. This is absolutely out of order over something so petty. It’s so close to Christmas and I can’t afford to pay this fine.”

The lack of understanding has left the man determined not to frequent the store again.

“It’s a real kick in the teeth to a loyal customer,” he explained.

“Unfortunately I won’t be shopping there again as I don’t know when I’m going to wake up with another fine for trying to spend money in their store.

They should close their car park off when the store is closed, like the rest of the retail park does.”

The site is operated by property management agent Savills which previously confirmed the new parking limit has been introduced to prevent car racing taking place.

A spokesperson said: “As the appointed property management agent at Wolstanton Retail Park, Savills can confirm that it is aware of the issues with car racing taking place out of hours at the scheme.

“Measures to prevent this behaviour continuing have been enforced, with a 45-minute parking limit.” has approached Savills for comment on the fine.

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