Driver given £100 parking fine despite proving she bought ticket

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A motorist claims she was given a £100 car parking fine she “physically can’t pay” – despite proving she paid for a ticket for the 15-minute stay.

Rosie Welch, 41, bought a ticket for an hour-long stay at a car park but only stayed for just minutes. 

The mother received the £100 charge days later for failing to input her car registration number into the machine.

Rosie, from Colchester, Essex, is adamant she did input her number and sent proof to Euro Car Parks that she paid, but the firm said it’s a “breach of contract” and she has to pay £100.

Speaking last night, the driver said: “Despite paying for a short parking stay, we’ve been left with threatening letters talking about debt recovery and court proceedings.

“I have nowhere else to turn.

“I even took it to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and they said to write to my MP.

“I haven’t got £100, I don’t have that money.

“If it came to it and they took us to court, I would have to go to court as I can’t physically pay it.”

They agreed to reduce the fee to a £20 administration charge, but as Rosie decided to appeal this Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) the fine has gone back to £100.

POPLA has also rejected Rosie’s appeal and have told her that although she ‘demonstrated the intention to make a valid payment’, she didn’t make one.

It said: “While I appreciate that the appellant has demonstrated the intention to make a valid payment, the fact remains that they did not.

“By failing to enter the full and correct vehicle registration, the parking ticket is invalid for the appellant’s vehicle to park.”

But Rosie believes that she did put her full registration in so she shouldn’t be fined.

She said: “My ticket only has the first two letters of my number plate on it, so the company said therefore that’s a ‘gross keying error’, a breach of contract and I have to pay a £100 fine.

“There was nowhere on the parking machine which said you have to put your full registration number in and nothing on any of the signs in the car park.

“I can’t prove I didn’t put the whole thing in, but I could prove I had purchased a ticket for the same time my car was in the car park.

“I can only think the machine must have had a printer fault.” has contacted Euro Car Parks for a comment.

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