Doug DeMuro Reviews The Quirky And Feature-Packed Fisker Karma

One thing’s certain: it still looks good some eight years after it debuted.

The Fisker Karma is undeniably one of the most dramatic four-door cars ever designed, right up there with the original Aston Martin Lagonda from the 1970s (only far more curvaceous and Coke bottle-like). But its rakish good looks were not enough to make it a success story – it ended up being quite the opposite, actually.

It was an early plug-in hybrid that people really wanted to like, but ultimately couldn’t because of some shortcomings. In this video, Doug DeMuro takes a long hard look at the Karma, whose design may have aged well, but the rest of the package… not so much.

He begins the video by calling it ‘one of the weirdest luxury sedans in the automotive world.’ He also points out that the Karma debuted at about the same time as another green luxury sedan, the Tesla Model S. However, one ended up being a remarkable global success story, while the other just flat out didn’t.

Only around 2,500 examples were ever manufactured, all for the 2012 model year, and you can pick one up today for around $40,000. And it would probably be worth that alone simply for the way it looks, although you might want to reserve judgment on whether or not to buy one until you’ve seen DeMuro’s video (and other more recent reviews of the original Karma).

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