Dongfeng To Use Vitesco's EMR3 Fully Integrated Electric Axle Drive

Dongfeng is the third OEM after PSA Group and Hyundai to use Vitesco EMR3.

Vitesco Technologies (part of Continental) announced that it will supply fully integrated electric axle drives (EMR3) for Dongfeng Passenger Car Corporation in China.

Dongfeng is the third manufacturer, after PSA And Hyundai, to use the EMR3 in its series-produced electric cars.

The first model powered by the EMR3 will be the all-electric version of the Dongfeng Yixuan, C-segment model, with a range of 400 km (250 miles) NEDC, a top speed of 155 km/h and weight of roughly 1,500 kg.

The Chinese auto group Dongfeng Passenger Car Corporation uses the integrated axle drive from Vitesco Technologies in its new electric passenger car model Yixuan.