‘Discrimination’: Elderly drivers slam eyesight test proposals – ‘enforce existing rules’

Dr Hilary discusses the risks for older drivers

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The report from the Older Drivers Task Force recommended that the DVLA should require evidence of an eyesight test at age 75. This would also lead to the DVLA, insurers and others to encourage vision checks every two years, particularly from drivers over the age of 60.

They concluded that eyesight deteriorates with old age, with the Government offering free eyesight tests to those over 60.

There is evidence that when the police offer driving assessments as an alternative to prosecution nearly 70 percent of those assessed require eyesight correction.

Despite these findings, many elderly drivers have been criticising the suggestions, saying it is targeting the older generation.

An Express.co.uk reader, using the handle QueenAndCountry, was critical of the need to address elderly drivers when other motorists are committing offences.

They said: “How about enforcing existing rules such as having a driving licence, not DUI or DWI, having an MOT, having road tax?

“How many disqualified drivers are currently on our roads with no insurance, and in unroadworthy vehicles?

“These scum are the issue, not older drivers.”

Another reader, CHIPs said: “I’ve had a licence for 50 years. While two million drivers get penalty points each year I’ve had a clean licence for 46 years.

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“Yep, the first four years I was driving like Stirling Moss and received a six-month ban.

“Teenagers are the ones driving way too fast. I was that teenager.

“At 21 I learnt a lesson when my insurance went through the roof.”

A third reader claimed the proposals were a form of “discrimination”.

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