Did Porsche Focus On Tesla To Develop The Taycan? This Video Says No

Matt Ferrell is not undecided in concluding that. Good news for Tesla? Not necessarily so.

When the Porsche Taycan was about to be presented, there was great expectation about it being able to beat the Tesla Model S. When its price and technical aspects were announced, it was clear it didn’t. Matt Ferrell drove one for a few days, and he believes to have an answer for that: the Taycan was never made with beating Tesla in mind.

The YouTuber’s first shock was with the Porsche’s pricing, but it goes beyond that. It presents a different level of luxury and refinement. It focuses on the brand’s heritage of high performance and driving feel. It is smaller than a Model S. Put all the pieces together, and what you have is a car that does not address the same public that is after a Model S.

For a moment, Ferrell talks about what a joke the Taycan’s official EPA range is, but then he also mentions many range tests revealed that EV is much more capable than EPA numbers reveal. Car and Driver already told us why.