Demand For Tesla Model Y Exceeds Supply: Could This Explain Quality Issues?

When you do not have to worry about who will buy your product, is it wise not to care about quality?

The Tesla Model Y presents multiple quality and paint issues on these first delivered units. That makes anyone wonder how Tesla allows that to happen, but the Q2 2020 Earnings Call might shed light on that. Unfortunately, it seems to relate to a Tesla strategy Philippe Chain revealed a while ago: “deliver now, fix later.”

According to Elon Musk, “demand exceeds supply” even in the face of COVID-19 issues the rest of the industry is facing. In his words, “demand is not a problem, definitely not.”

His main concern now are supply chain challenges the company is facing, such as the Model Y castings. According to Musk, it is proving “tricky to maintain rate.” This is probably one of the reasons they are transitioning it to a single casting. You can check Musk say that thanks to the CleanTechnica video below: