Cyclist skips red light in front of police car and is immediately stopped

Derbyshire: Cyclist goes through red light

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The man cycled through the pedestrian crossing despite the red signal on Thursday afternoon. He failed to notice the marked police car travelling in the opposite direction, which promptly turned around and stopped the cyclist.

He was issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £30 and officers tried to educate the man about the dangers cycling through red lights poses.

His misdemeanour happened in Darley Dale, a picturesque commuter town just outside the Peak District in Derbyshire.

Officers stressed to Derbyshire Live cyclists, just like any road users, must follow the rule of the road. This is despite changes to the Highway Code last month, which have given cyclists more priority.

Motorists who jump red lights can be fined up to £1,000 and be given six penalty points.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit said: “Cyclists must stop for red traffic lights like other vehicles. This is so that pedestrians can cross safely.

“This pedal cyclist was spotted in Darley Dale riding at speed through a red light at a pedestrian crossing.

“He was stopped and issued a ticket.”

Recent changes to the Highway Code are aimed at improving road safety for people walking, cycling and riding horses, the government said.

It follows a public consultation on a review of The Highway Code, which was carried out between July and October 2020.

Under the new rules, pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders will have priority over larger vehicles.

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