Custom Ford F-250 With A Bronco Face Could Give You Nightmares

We’ll start this article by addressing the elephant in the room with as neutral a position as we can muster, with the understanding that some might actually see an elephant here. You’re probably familiar with the timeless phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, let’s just leave it at that.

Yes, this is a Ford Bronco. And yes, it is a Ford F-250. It’s called the MegaBronc, and it comes to us from North Carolina-based MegaRexx. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve featured custom trucks from this company in the past. Specifically, you may recall the MegaRaptor, which basically turns any F-Series larger than a half-ton F-150 into a meaty off-roader in the style of the popular Raptor. Obviously, this is build takes a rather different approach.

Gallery: MegaBronc Ford F-250 By MegaRexx

You may have noticed its face is that of a Ford Bronco, a much smaller vehicle compared to an F-250. To blend the styling, MegaRexx builds a custom front clip with fenders, a hood, and a front bumper. In addition, the truck’s track is widened so it sports bold fender flares to accommodate beefy 40-inch tires. The resulting proportions are, um, interesting, but the Bronco-F-250 fusion doesn’t stop there.

Look further back and you’ll see Bronco-style bars in the bed, complete with an extra seat. This rig is officially a seven-seater, with four seats in the traditional cab and a three-row bench lifted from a Ford Expedition in the back. MegaRexx says the MegaBronc also has a removable hardtop, though it appears to be relegated solely for back seat passengers. Presumably, there’s a pass-through from the back seat to the cab, but photos only offer a look at the outside.

Mechanically speaking, this Frankenstein is a pure F-250 that’s nearly factory stock. The aforementioned off-road tires are obviously upgrades, mounted on 20-inch Method wheels. Icon 4.5-inch front coil springs and 5-inch rear leaf springs provide a modest lift, and other suspension components are upgraded accordingly. 4.56 gears are also plugged in, helping the truck’s stock 6.7-liter PowerStroke and 10-speed automatic get power to the ground. Everything else is what you’d find on a standard F-250 Lariat, which means plenty of tech and creature comforts in the cab.

As you might expect, merging two very different variations of Blue Oval off-roading doesn’t come cheap. MegaRexx will sell you the very MegaBronc you see here for a mega price of $199,000.

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