Cube's Hybrid One E-Bike Offers Big Miles For Budget-Minded Cyclists

Ever since manufacturers have been slapping on electric motors to bicycles, the capability of the good-old pedal machine has grown substantially. Indeed, the handy assist afforded by a few hundred watts of power has opened doors for many bike-curious folks, who were previously reluctant to get on two wheels due to doubts surrounding their cardio-vascular fortitude. 

Now, the e-bike sector is full of all sorts of wonderful machines—bikes that are meant to fulfill a wide array of applications. On the more versatile side of things, we have commuter electric bikes that can surprisingly do a lot more than just commute. A good example of this is Cube’s new Hyrbrid One. Cube has made a name for itself in the bike world thanks to its affordable yet quality offerings. That said, the manufacturer has ventured into e-bikes, and suffice it to say that the spec-sheet is rather impressive. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Jumping right into the juicy bits, The Hybrid One comes equipped with a 250-watt mid-mounted Bosch Performance series motor. You shouldn’t have any trouble riding in the urban environment, or even hilly terrain on longer adventures and excursions thanks to the 65 Nm of torque that this small power unit is able to generate. Additionally, there is a 500 Wh Bosch PowerTube installed, making long distance travel confidence-inspiring. On each battery charge, the range should be in the neighborhood of 60 miles.

Another feature that sets the Hybrid One apart from conventional commuter bikes is an SR Suntour suspension fork. With 100 mm of suspension travel, it’s plenty capable of damping uneven road surfaces, as well as covering the occasional gravel road or light trail. Considering all the features the Cube One brings to the table, its understandable that this bike will run quite a premium. However, at 2,200 Euros, or the equivalent of $2,250 USD, this price seems well worth it, especially for someone who can maximize this versatile e-bike’s capabilities. 

Sources: AutoEvolution, E-Bike Shop

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