Covid-19: Toyota making 40,000 face shields a month

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and companies within the Toyota Group are collectively engaged in full-scale production of medical face shields in Japan, with the automaker having expanded its capacity for producing the face shields from 600 units per week by 20 times, up to approximately 2,000 units a day, or 40,000 units a month. This volume is set to increase further to 70,000 pieces a month, it said.

Companies within the Toyota Group producing medical face shields on a trial basis include Toyota Motor East Japan, Toyoda Gosei, Daihatsu and Hino, with Daihatsu and Hino already providing the face shields to medical facilities in their immediate areas. In addition, Toyota Industries Corporation plans to output 10,000 units of the face shields from April 29, while Toyoda Auto Body may commence production from mid-May.

The output of medical face shields from Toyota Motor Corporation originates from the Teiho and Motomachi plants, while those from Toyota Industries and Toyota Motor East Japan will be made at the Kyowa and Miyagi Ohira plants, respectively. The Kyowa plant will produce around 500 units a day, while the Miyagi Ohira plant will produce around 600 face shields a day, according to the company.

This increase in the rate of production for medical face shields follows the Japanese giant’s outlining of initiatives for relief efforts, which included helping medical equipment manufacturers with applying the Toyota Production System (TPS) to improve productivity. Toyota has also been leveraging its supply chain for essential items such as face masks, personal protective equipment, thermometers and other required items.

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