COVID-19 Pandemic Did Not Lower Enthusiasm For Electric Pickup Trucks

This is what CarGurus’ latest “Pickup Truck Sentiment Study” revealed.

When the COVID-19 struck, lockdowns revealed how a world without oil would be – even if for the worst possible reasons. But did it affect buyers’ interest in electric pickup trucks? That was one of the questions CarGurus asked 1,081 truck owners in its latest “Pickup Truck Sentiment Study.” Luckily, it even increased a little bit. Sadly, it is still low.

Around 34 percent of all these truck owners believe they will buy an electric pickup truck within the next 10 years. The number is much lower within the next 5 years: 23 percent. In February, before the pandemic started hitting hard, the percentages were respectively 33 and 22, or 1 percent less in each case.