Coronavirus Lockdown: Mahindra Aids In Efficient Rollout Of Curfew Passes

Law enforcement agencies all over the country have a very difficult job of enforcing the Coronavirus lockdown and ensuring that people do not unnecessarily venture out on the roads. To enable the smooth movement of essential services and personnel like medical practitioners and food suppliers Delhi Police has recently introduced a curfew pass system that can be applied for on their official website. The system is now working well and Delhi Police has appreciated IT giant Tech Mahindra’s role in rolling out the Coronavirus Online Movement Pass System (COMPASS) in record time.

Assembly on face shields in full swing at Mahindra plant in Mumbai 

The Police force has credited Tech Mahindra for deploying an energetic and high-powered team on their request. They also thanked the business house for closely monitoring the developing the feature and ensuring a smooth roll-out. COMPASS enables people to apply for movement passes from home which gets delivered to the phone. There are inbuilt checks and these passes are issued after due verification by the law agencies.

I have great pleasure in mentioning that @techmahindra helped @delhipolice roll out the Coronavirus Online Movement Pass System (COMPASS) in record time on @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @LtGovDelhi @CPDelhi @DP_Licensing @anandmahindra @C_P_Gurnani @DeepakBagla_

As a group Mahindra has been doing a lot to tackle the Coronavirus menace right from making ventilators at their manufacturing facility to helping others in making high quality face masks. Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra group also thanked the team at Tech Mahindra for doing their bit in keeping the flow of essential movement smooth.

And thank YOU @C_P_Gurnani & Team @tech_mahindra for doing your bit to keep essential movement flowing…

Delhi Police has clarified the curfew passes can be made either for extreme personal emergencies or for supply of essential services. There is no need to physically go to police stations for the same as you can apply online. People have also been warned that misuse of this service will attract legal action.

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