Coronavirus: India’s First Drive Through Test Facility Starts Taking Samples

A private laboratory in Delhi has become the first facility in the country to offer sample collection services for suspected Coronavirus patients without any need for them to get out of their vehicles. Dr. Dangs Lab in West Punjabi Bagh was recently authorised by the Government to conduct tests on the pandemic and now the facility of drive through sample collection has also been initiated. This way anyone willing to give a sample will have minimum exposure to others and will be able to provide samples while following social distancing.

The lab has come out with a set of rules so that social distancing can be followed in an apt manner. The bookings for the test need to be made online and to get an appointment one must submit a Government ID along with a Doctors’ prescription. Only a confirmation call from the lab ensures that the request is approved. It has also been clearly mentioned that only private motor vehicles are allowed and patients cannot come in cabs, scooters or by foot. They can only be seated on driver’s side of car. To begin with 30-40 slots are available each day and if required that number can be increased.

After every test technicians change their personal protective equipment

The drive through facility for collecting Coronavirus samples has worked well in many countries across the world as it guarantees minimum exposure to the surroundings. Strict safety protocols are being followed at Dr Dangs laboratory too for a safe and hygienic drive-through collection. After every test technicians change their personal protective equipment and entire test area is sanitised. The cost for the test has been kept at ₹ 4,500 and results are sent on e-mail within 36 hours of sample collection.

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