Climate campaigner clashes with TV host over ‘referendum’ for new car tax

High Court ruling allows Sadiq Khan to roll out ULEZ expansion

A leading climate campaigner has clashed with TV host Patrick Christys over calls for a referendum on Sadiq Khan’s London Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) expansion.

Tom Burke, Chairman of E3G, categorically denied that the new car tax fees should be out to a public vote.

It comes amid a rise in calls for the public to have a say on the new £12.50 per day fees set to be introduced on August 29.

GB News host Christys asked: “Do you think we should just have a massive referendum on this?” Burke simply replied: “No”

Christys added: “Why because you might not like the result. You might lose.”

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Burke then hit back at Christys as he took a swipe at the broadcaster. He continued: “Let’s have a referendum over whether we should have GB News on the air… We shouldn’t have a referendum it’s not the way to deal with issues that are difficult and complex and require lots of trade-offs.”

Dozens of motorists have voiced their concerns over the new scheme which could cost drivers around £375 per week. Protests were held outside Downing Street last week while activists demanded the right to have their say.

Alan Miller, spokesperson for the Together Association said: “People are saying they’ve had enough of this situation. They don’t want this. It’s not democratic. If Sadiq Khan wants to see what people see, let’s have a referendum on it. Yes or No to ULEZ expansion. It’s very straightforward.”

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A consultation held by Transport for London (TfL) last year found that 59 percent of road users did not support an expansion of the scheme.

Meanwhile, Labour failed to win Boris Johnson’s former seat in the Uxbridge by-election despite a strong lead in the national polls.

The Conservatives held onto the battleground with labour frontbenchers admitting ULEZ may have cost them victory.

Sir Keir Starmer has since called out Khan’s policy as he claimed it ‘disproportionately” affected Britons in the middle of the cost of living crisis.

Red Wall Tory MPs are also putting pressure on Rishi Sunak to hold a referendum on Britain’s net zero guidelines.

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Karl McCartney, MP for Lincoln, told the Telegraph: “The establishment was solely focused on chasing approval from London’s woke eco-zealot crowd who have no clue what happens in the real world.

“Just like Brexit, the Government needs to make sure the public are on board with such radical changes, and that they hear the arguments and can make an informed decision.”

Marco Longhi, MP for Dudley North, feels a referendum would require the Government to communicate the details of their net zero policy to the public.

Meanwhile, Greg Smith MP warned a referendum should go ahead if there was a “groundswell of support”.

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