Clever homemade deicer method to clear your car windshield

EASY way to clear frost off your windshield

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The US will be hit by extreme snow and ice in the next week. Thankfully, a Texan spray tan, eyelash, and makeup artist demonstrated a clever method to clear your car windshield of ice in seconds. It’s a trick many Americans should memorise ahead of the coming winter storm weather.

Ashley Stout shared the hack for Americans whose cars had frozen solid amid the winter weather storm in February last year. She wrote: “For all my Texas people right now! Thank you, TikTok, for always problem-solving!”

The February 2022 North American winter storm spread from Texas northeast to Maine, covering the area in rain, snow, and sleet. Heavy snow fell over 19 of the states, with snowfall between six and 12 inches.

Over 375,000 people lost power during the storm, and accidents on the roads were attributed to the storm. In total seven deaths were attributed to the storm.

A similar storm is set to impact the United States this week, with heavy snow, ice, flooding rain, and severe cold weather expected to affect millions.

Up to eight inches of snow is set to hit the Northern Rockies, which will then rapidly move across the country from West to East. Michigan will be particularly affected, with heavy ice accumulation.

Drivers are likely to find their cars frozen over in the coming week, so this clever hack will come very much in handy.

Ashley asked her TikTok users: “Have a solid iced car? Get a Ziploc bag and fill it with warm water.” Ashley fills her bag and seals it up before carrying it outside to her car.

She wrote: “Take it and rub it all over the windows.” Ashley said the hack is “done within minutes” and left her with “clear windows”.

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@ashleystout90 For all my Texas people right now! Thank you Tik Tok for always problem solving! #fypシ #viral #ftworthtx #texasiceday #deice #iceday #texasweather ♬ Hard Work – U.S. Drill Sergeant Field Recordings

One commenter, David, suggested to Ashley: “Just start the car and let it warm up.” But the original poster fired back: “It was on for 20 min and didn’t melt at all seeing as it was still sleeting and sticking as soon as it hit!”

Others offered their own suggestions as to how to deice the car. Craig Davidson said: “Just pour water on it.”

Another commenter, Singh, said: “Just get a jug of warm water, takes two seconds and no effort.”

User Radavis said: “Or to keep the heat off the window, get a spray bottle. Fill with a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Dash of water..spray windows Melts right off.”

Some warned against the hack. Jerry Jones said: “I can now see someone seeing this video and using boiling water and cracking their windshield.” Bexx said: “Don’t work just ends up freezing again.”

It’s important not to use very hot water, or any high temperatures, to deice your car windshield. This is because it can easily crack the glass, a phenomenon known as “thermal fracturing”.

When the glass is cool and then is heated rapidly, this causes the glass to attempt to expand rapidly in the areas affected by the heat, causing a crack as some parts of the glass change quicker than others. As the weather gets drastically cooler, a car expert shared a genius hack for moving your car if it’s stuck in snow or ice.

So how do you move your car when it’s stuck in ice? It can easily be done with something likely already in your car.

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