Chrysler 440 Powered 1971 Plymouth Satellite Owned Since New: The Road Runner Alternative – Hot Rod

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It was the early 1970s, and you wanted a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner. But you didn’t want to pay the price for the badges and graphics, so what did you do? You bought a 1971 Plymouth Satellite instead!

This was essentially the case for AL Young who bought this 1971 Plymouth Satellite new in late 1970. “Got out of the army in November 1970, got my job back, saved up some money, and ordered this in December 1970,” AL recalled. “I took delivery on February 19, 1971, and have had the car all this time.” He ordered the car with the 383ci engine and 727 TorqueFlite transmission, which, according to AL, was the “same as a Road Runner but without the 50 percent insurance hit. “.

The Satellite was his daily driver for about three years before he got another ride and was finally able to stop driving the car through the rough Connecticut winters. From then AL was able to only drive the car in good weather on the weekends. Around 1995, though, because of work, family, and life in general, AL put away his 1971 Plymouth altogether.

In 2003 AL and his son Paul decided to get the car back on the road once again while also breathing some new life into the old Satellite. They started by replacing the whole suspension and brakes, then picked up a Chrysler 440 engine at a swap meet that they spiced up a little more with upgraded cam, heads, and carb. After pulling the old 383 and 727 and dropping in the Chrysler 440 backed by a brand-new 727 from Chrysler, AL gave the completed 1971 Plymouth Satellite to Paul for his 30th birthday.

After another decade of use, they pulled the 440 and 727 out for a once-over and a few upgrades, then added a pinion snubber to the rearend housing. To this day, under the care of Paul Young, the car retains its original paint, chrome, glass, and even interior.

1971 Plymouth Satellite Build Specs

  • Chrysler 440 bored .030-inch over
  • 10:1 flat-top pistons
  • Mopar Performance 509 Purple Shaft camshaft
  • Harland Sharp 1.5 rocker arms
  • 915 heads with sodium exhaust valves
  • TTi ceramic coated headers and 3-inch exhaust system
  • Chrysler 727 TorqueFlite transmission with Hughes 2,500 stall converter
  • 3-inch aluminum driveshaft
  • Chrysler 8-3/4 rearend with 3.23 gears and Sure Grip
  • Aluminum radiator with electric cooling fan
  • Rebuilt stock-style suspension and brakes

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