China: Plug-In Electric Car Sales Rebound In March 2020 With Tesla Model 3 #1

Tesla Model 3 outsold the second-best model about 2:1 and took 13% of the entire plug-in car market.

The volume of plug-in electric car sales in China rebounded significantly from a very weak February and reached almost 60,000 in March.

That’s still 51% less than in March 2019, although taking into consideration the situation after the lockdown and higher incentives in 2019, it’s really promising. It’s expected that sales will gradually improve over the next several months to match levels from 2018/2019.

According to EV Sales Blog, the plug-in market share stands at 5.7% in March and all-electric cars consist of almost 85%.

After the first three months of 2020, total sales amounted to roughly 129,000 (4.2% of the total market).

Plug-in electric car sales in China – March 2020

Model rank

So far this year, the Tesla Model 3 was the top-selling model each month and in March reached its best-ever result of 11,280 (16,747 YTD). That’s the only five-digit result not only for the month but also for the quarter.

Relatively strong sales results were reported also for the BYD Qin BEV (5,271 and 8,390 YTD) and BAIC (4,450 and 7,395 YTD). Fourth on the list is GAC Aion S (2,957 and 7,038 YTD).

Top 20 for the month:

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