ChargEV upgrades 48 charging wallboxes in Malaysia – sleeker unit with attached Type 2 cable, LCD display –

GreenTech has once again upgraded its ChargEV AC charging wallboxes, this time replacing four dozen units across the country. The new wallbox, which comes with an attached Type 2 cable and an LCD screen that displays charging status, appears far sleeker in design compared to the ABB version installed just last November.

The company has yet to provide a list of all the locations with the new wallbox, but assures that users can locate them through the ChargEV mobile app. According to its Facebook post, there are also plans to install several more chargers in the Klang Valley and the northern region later in the year.

Currently, ChargEV says it provides over 400 charging outlets nationwide, with outputs ranging from 3.7 kW to 22 kW, depending on the location.

Separately, GreenTech recently signed a joint venture with Yinson Green Technologies (subsidiary of Bursa-listed company Yinson), where the latter will own a majority stake and carry out the commercialisation, operation and maintenance of the ChargEV network.

Through this JV, EV users in Malaysia can look forward to a stronger ChargEV network and infrastructure. GreenTech chairman Datuk Hiswani Harun said the company expects to increase the number of chargers in the country from 400 odd units to 2,500 units.

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