ChargEV charging rates at Starbucks outlets in Malaysia – RM1.20/min, 60 kW DC; RM5/20 mins, 11 kW AC –

ChargEV has announced the updated rates of EV chargers located at 17 Starbucks outlets, which were set up as part of a partnership with Starbucks Malaysia and Yinson GreenTech.

Going by the minute, the rate for using DC chargers that output up to 60 kW is RM1.20 per minute, while it is RM5 for every 20 minutes for AC chargers capable of delivering 11 kW. For chargEV members (RM240 a year), the latter is free to use.

It is important to note that most of the DC chargers are of the multi-standard variety, so you may find several charging guns with different connectors (Type 2, CCS2 and CHAdeMO) attached to it. Should you use the AC charging gun from a DC charger, you will be charged DC charging rates (RM1.20 per minute).

For standalone AC chargers, the rate is as what’s mentioned earlier – RM5 per 20 minutes. As such, make sure you choose the appropriate charger for your electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid vehicle (EV) – a higher charging rate doesn’t mean your vehicle will charge faster if it doesn’t support it.

The 17 Starbucks stores with EV chargers are as follow:

  • Starbucks Kota Kemuning Drive-Thru (DC chargers)
  • Starbucks Reserve Setia Alam (DC chargers)
  • Starbucks Ukay Perdana Drive-Thru (DC chargers)
  • Starbucks Eco Gradeur Drive-Thru (DC chargers)
  • Starbucks Conezion Putrajaya Drive-Thru
  • Starbucks Rimbayu Drive-Thru
  • Starbucks Jade Hill Drive-Thru
  • Starbucks Reserve Eco Majestic Drive-Thru
  • Starbucks Eco Horizon Drive-Thru
  • Starbucks Icon City Drive-Thru
  • Starbucks Hillside Drive-Thru
  • Starbucks Juru (R&R) Drive-Thru
  • Starbucks Tanjong Tokong Drive-Thru
  • Starbucks Malim Jaya Drive-Thru
  • Starbucks Bandar Seri Alam Drive-Thru
  • Starbucks Seri Austin Drive-Thru
  • Starbucks Skudai (R&R) Drive-Thru

In addition to the 17 Starbucks outlets, chargEV also revealed the charging rates at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, which is identical – RM1.20 per minute for the 60 kW DC charger and RM5 for every 20 minutes for the 11 kW AC charger. Again, the latter is free to use by chargEV members.

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