ChargeUp Europe Alliance Emerges: One Voice For EV Charging Sector

It’s founded by Allego, ChargePoint and EVBox Group, who together have more than 150,000 charging ports across the EU.

The European charging companies – EVBox Group (EVBox and Everon), Allego, and ChargePoint (European branch) – announced a new alliance called ChargeUp Europe, to speak one voice for the electric vehicle charging infrastructure sector.

The three founding members (who together operate more than 150,000 charging points in their networks across the EU), encourage other like-minded companies to join the alliance.

There are three main areas of interest, according to the press release:

“ChargeUp Europe starts with three founding members and is already in the process of welcoming new members. The purpose of ChargeUp Europe is to enable a swift and efficient roll-out of EV charging infrastructure in Europe. The alliance will work on realising EU policies that support investment in charging infrastructure, remove market barriers and facilitate the smooth uptake of EVs and a seamless experience for EV drivers.”

The new initiative might be a useful one, especially if it would enable simplifying the access to various charging networks using a single account, without authorization other than plugging-in and other things like maybe a unified sign for charging stations.

The strength and success depend on how many other networks will join the alliance.

Mathieu Bonnet, CEO, Allego:

“We are launching this alliance in uncertain times and of course people’s minds are focused on COVID-19. But as we all look to play our part in managing this crisis, we feel it’s important that we also keep focused on tackling other great challenges such as climate change. ChargeUp Europe represents a unique opportunity for the sector to come together and speed up the development and rollout of charging infrastructure across Europe. We call on all other like-minded partners to join this initiative.”

Christopher Burghardt, Managing Director for Europe, ChargePoint:

“Against the backdrop of a highly relevant policy agenda, we believe it is the right time for a dedicated voice to represent the charging infrastructure sector in Europe. We are committed to working with EU decision makers and stakeholders to identify the policies and investments needed to facilitate the scale and volume of electric vehicles expected to come onto the EU market. The move to electric vehicles is critical in reaching zero-net emissions and this alliance is dedicated to supporting EV infrastructure and positively impact EV adoption.”

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO, EVBox and Everon:

“This is the first time that the entire EV charging infrastructure speaks with one clear voice. We need to speak out in the interests of EV drivers everywhere, rather than letting others do the talking for us. ChargeUp Europe will work to present a common view on what is needed to ensure that Europe creates an open market, and a consumer-centric model for EV charging in Europe. The key will be to develop, deploy and operate high quality charging infrastructure that serves the practical needs of EV drivers.”

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