Carwiz Implements Coranavirus Safety Measures

Photo via Carwiz.

With the spread of coronavirus, traveling is less frequent and much more cautious. However, daily activities such as going to work are unavoidable, so it’s necessary to take into account the preventive steps prescribed by experts:

“Thinking of our clients’ safety and carefree travel, we’ve sought expert advice on prevention of  COVID-19 virus spread," Krešimir Dobrilović, the founder and owner of Carwiz rent-a-car, said in a statement. "One way of spreading the virus is by touching objects and surfaces exposed to the virus, which showed us that additional measures must be taken.” 

At Carwiz, in addition to the basic vehicle maintenance after each client, a thorough disinfection of the vehicle is included, while the seats, steering wheel and gearbox will be additionally protected by disposable foil.

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