Car seat warning: Motorists could be fined up to £500 for this simple driving error


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It means road users are urged to always check young motorists are protected before setting off to avoid the hefty charges.

According to the RAC, experts have warned the backless booster seats are not secure and could be unsafe for use by young motorists.

Under new rules, the backless booster seats are only approved for children over 125cm who weighed more than 22kg.

Previous laws allowed children as small as 15kg but experts had warned the seat was unsuitable for young children to use.

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Experts have also said not using a car seat would offer minimal protection for children.

A standard seat belt will not be as effective as a booster seat because the belts are not guided across the body.

Mark Bennet, European product Expert for Britain said: “Booster cushions do not offer head or side protection, which is vital for young children who are still developing and more susceptible to trauma in the event of an accident.

“To ensure a child in this size and weight category is protected and safe in transit, the most effective and safe method is to use a high back booster.


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“We recommend parents look for high back booster seats with deep protective side wings, head support and seat belt guides to ensure the best protection for their children.”

Only EU regulations are allowed for use in the UK. According to experts, car seats must be labelled with ECE R44.04 or ECE R129.

Those under the age of three or four years old should use a rearward-facing car seat as this will help protect a young child’s neck better.

The law says babies under the age of 18 months must always use a rear-facing car seat according to the legislation.

Damon Marriott, Head of Product Development at Joie UK said: “Choosing the right car seat for your child can be a tricky decision, especially with so many options on the market nowadays.

“But ultimately it’s about keeping your little one safe, so the most important factor is that it’s correct for both the height and weight of your child and that it meets the necessary safety credentials.”

However, children can legally travel without a car seat in some situations.

A child under the age of 12 can travel in a taxi without a car seat as long as they are wearing a seat belt.

Children aged above three years old are also allowed to use a seat belt if they make an unexpected but necessary journey across a short distance. 

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