Car insurance customers can save almost £500 by adding this one thing to their policy

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Car insurance customers would be able to save a massive £476 on their yearly costs by adding another road user as a second driver on a policy. They warn the biggest savings are “usually reserved for young drivers” who could massively benefit from the extra help.

Policy prices fall because insurers believe that the car is not always being used by the least experienced driver which reduces the vehicle’s overall perceived risk.

A spokesperson for said costs could “tumble” by simply adding an experienced second driver to an agreement.

The spokesperson said: “While you may think adding more drivers to a policy would make it more expensive, having an experienced driver with no claims or convictions as a named driver on your policy, could see your premium tumble, especially for new or young drivers.

“ discovered drivers could save up to £476 by adding an experienced driver, such as a parent, to their policy as a named driver.

The biggest savings with this trick are usually reserved for younger drivers.

“However, even those with more experience behind the wheel could save money by adding a parent or partner to their policy.”

Analysis from MoneySuperMarket has revealed that adding a named driver on a policy can reduce a young person’s cove by up to 32 percent.

This is because of the massive price difference between age groups with younger drivers aged between 17 and 24 set to pay the most.

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Drivers in this age group pay more than double the national average with costs around £1,367 compared to just £554.

However, experts have warned drivers must be “accurate and honest” with their insurance provider to avoid heavy penalties.

Experts at warn drivers could risk “fronting” which is illegal and could see drivers policies axed.

Drivers may also have to repay any costs your insurer has incurred from previous claims with some motorists even prosecuted.

Road users risk being issued a criminal record as well as possibly hit with a heavy fine and penalty points.

Motorists could be charged with driving without insurance or even prosecuted for fraud.

Insurance premiums are likely to increase in the future as your perceived risk has increased and drivers could find themselves blacklisted from many affordable firms.

But despite the risks, a recent analysis from Go Compare shows that parents are willing to break the rules in a desperate attempt to save the pennies.

With many families’ budgets being stretched and thousands of youngsters set to pass driving tests over the coming months, the offence could soar at the back end of 2020.

Research by Go Compare revealed that 10 percent of parents admitted to already fronting on their child’s policy.

A further 34 percent said they would consider doing it if it meant this would help their children save money.

They say adding a second diver was “perfectly fine” if they occasionally used the vehicle although simply adding someone to reduce costs was not allowed.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “While adding a named driver to a policy, who occasionally drives the vehicle, is perfectly fine.

“It’s important to be accurate and honest with your insurer with whom the main driver of the vehicle is.

“Otherwise you could risk ‘fronting’ which is illegal and could see your insurance invalidated.”

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