Car crime major insurance issue as thousands of drivers see premiums rise by over £600

Go Compare has revealed that a total of 106,642 drivers listed a car-rated theft through their site last year. This dramatically increased many drivers’ car insurance premiums by an average of £628.99 in added costs.

However, Ian Hall, Insurance Director at Go Compare has warned that some drivers may see “significantly higher” costs than this hefty average.

Speaking to, Mr Hall said: “As an average, you will find there are some that are significantly higher than that and some that will be lower literally in the evening out of those numbers, it will vary.

All insurance prices do vary significantly by the individual and the risk that they are, the car, where they live, any other previous factors that have been taken into account really.

When asked whether car crime was the most important factor when deciding premiums, Mr Hall said: “absolutely, no doubt”.

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But higher premiums do not just affect those who have had their car stolen with increased charges passed onto all customers as insurers try to minimise losses.

Mr Hall has warned that insurers will aim to “recover” any money lost through payouts by increasing base prices.

This is a cost that “pretty much every consumer has to pay” meaning all customers are affected by increasing crime rates.

Speaking to, Mr Hall said: “We’re talking big numbers really.

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“Just seven years ago in 2013, the amount paid out in just one quarter alone for car theft by insurers was £42million.

“Fast forward to 2018, so fast forward that five years and that same period that same quarter it’s £88million.

So it’s more than doubled and if it’s going to more than double every five years of course it’s going to factor into the cost of customers premiums. It’s a big chunk.

“It’s a big part of what goes into the customer’s base level premiums.

“The more car crime there is the more the insurers will look to recover that with the base price that pretty much every consumer has to pay.”

A recent analysis from the RAC has revealed that car theft offences have increased by more than 50 percent over the past four years.

Thefts have increased to over 150,000 between 2018 and 2019 in a 55,000 rise compared to data from four years ago.,

Six police forces have seen the number of vehicles stolen double between 2014-2015 and 2018-19.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams warned the figures were “disturbing” as thefts were “rocketing” across the UK.

Keyless car crime is one of the most popular methods criminals use to gain access to a vehicle due to its simplicity.

Keyless car criminals use a simple relay device to manipulate your vehicle to unlock a car in just seconds.

Analysis from Go Compare found that 42 percent did not understand what car key cloning was.

Security consultant Michael Fraser says that criminals can be “tech-savvy” in their approach to car thefts.

He added: “Invest in the most advanced technology such as signal-blocking pouches, motion sensor cameras for your car or even a good old-fashioned wheel lock.

“All of these methods help deter car thieves and leave your car safe.”

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