Car cleaning: £1.20 hack to ‘prevent damage’ to car paintwork

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Regularly cleaning your car can help to keep it in top condition, but some simple mistakes could actually damage your car’s paintwork. TikTok user Marcus Gilbey, who posts under the username @n800mrg, explained his car washing method to “greatly reduce the likelihood of scratching your paint”.

So far, the viral video has amassed 11.3k likes and has been shared over 1,000 times.

The hack, dubbed the “two bucket method”, sees motorists using one bucket of soapy water and another of clean water to dip your wash mitt or cloth in during the cleaning process.

Speaking about the hack, experts at Car Lease Special Offers said: “If you thought a bucket of soapy water and a sponge is all you need to clean a car, you’re mistaken.

“According to TikToker n800mrg, you actually need two buckets to prevent damaging your car’s paintwork.

“Fill one bucket with water and your car cleaning detergent, and fill the other with clean water only.

“Dip your sponge or cloth into the soapy water, wipe your car then rinse it in the bucket of clean water.

“That way, the dirt is released into the clean water bucket, so you won’t be rubbing it over your car again.

“An extra bucket will cost you £1.20, and because grit and debris can damage the surface of your car, you could save in the long run.

“On average, a paint repair can cost £135, so it’s worth taking precautions now.”

As well as using two buckets, the TikTok user also emphasises that the direction in which you wipe your wash mitt or cloth is also crucial.

They recommend washing your car in straight lines rather than in circular motions.

The experts from Car Lease Special Offers said: “If you do the latter, you could end up with swirls on your car when it’s dry and in direct sunlight.”

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How to clean the exterior of your car using the ‘two bucket’ method

Begin by mixing your wash solution in a bucket using the proper dilution ratio.

Next, fill a second clean bucket with just water. This will serve as a rinse bucket and will help to get debris off your mitt.

Use soapy water to wash the exterior of your vehicle, making sure to wipe it in straight lines.

Each time you finish cleaning a section of the car, dunk the mitt into the rinse bucket. This will help to throughly clean the wash mitt and help to remove as much dirt and debris as possible.

Finally, rinse down the entire exterior of your car to get rid of any leftover soap or residue.

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