Car Care Special 2020

Our complete car care guide shows the best way to maintain and clean your car to protect your investment…

Properly caring for your car is a great way to make sure you get the maximum out of it, saving money and time into the bargain. By ignoring the little details you risk passing over problems that will grow into much larger headaches in the future but we’re here with all the advice you need to stop that happening.  

There’s no doubt that the British weather can take a heavy toll your car’s bodywork and wheels, not to mention its mechanical components. Freezing temperatures, wet, filthy roads, none of it helps our cars look their best and that grime needs to be removed, before it can have a lasting effect.

To make sure you maximise your time and money, we’ve found the best solutions for putting the shine back in to paintwork, leaving it with that all-important protective coating. We’ve also braved the weather to find the best treatment for plastic trim such as bumpers, spoilers and wing mirrors, looking for the one that will leave the best protection and finish. 

Those muddy roads will have taken their toll on your alloys, too, so we’ve also found the best wheel cleaners. Our top glass cleaner will add the final sparkle to your car’s spring clean, inside and out. And, while you’re inside the car, why not remove the mud and grime you’ve brought in to the car and on to its plastic trim?

Beyond that, for any more extensive fettling, we’ve got our ultimate car care kit that will tackle just about any job and advice on a whole range of DIY car maintenance tasks. 

We’re celebrating the onset of British Summer Time with our very own Car Care Week. If you’re cleaning your car this weekend, send us ‘before and after’ pictures on social media using the #carcareweek hashtag. For all of our great car care content, just scroll down…

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