Canossa Events acquires Cavallino Inc.

Motorsport Network’s premier motor touring events business to take over exclusive Concours and media company and extend US operations.

Miami – December 9, 2020Motorsport Network, the integrated digital platform that is the destination for millions of automotive and racing fans, today confirmed that it’s premium motoring events business, Canossa Events has acquired US-based concours event and media company Cavallino Inc.

With a prestigious reputation built over 42 years as a destination for Ferrari enthusiasts, Cavallino has a strongly subscribed bi-monthly magazine and website. A digital version of the magazine will launch in the summer.

Cavallino is also the organizer of landmark events like the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic, which celebrates its 30th anniversary event on January 21-24 2021. Cavallino Classic is the largest automotive event of the winter season featuring over 400 Ferraris with a total value of $600m. There are also over 120 other rare classic automobiles on display on the final day at the Mar-a-Lago resort with a total value of $150m.

Cavallino is a perfect fit with Canossa Events and the wider Motorsport Network business, which has established a powerful ecosystem of content and events serving a global community of Ferrari owners and enthusiasts. The Cavallino website will benefit from cross-promotion with FerrariChat, the world’s largest online Ferrari community. The high-end model maker Amalgam Collection and Colombo archive, the world’s largest private collection of Ferrari motorsport images are also in the portfolio.

The integration and optimization of the Cavallino website will give access to digital versions of many Cavallino articles going back decades. These articles will be available online to subscribers of the magazine. So going forward, subscribers will also have a digital subscription to that gives them access to such valuable content. 

Canossa Events was formed in 2010 and is synonymous with excellence in road touring events. The company organizes almost 300 events a year, including the legendary Modena Cento Ore, a five day timed and regularity road rally in the spirit of the old Giro d’Italia and Tour de France, that cuts a swath across the stunning scenery of Italy also featuring races in some of the most famous circuits. Canossa is best known for its classic car rallies and its supercar motor touring events that blend exotic collectible cars, world-class hospitality, and road adventures set in some of the world’s most picturesque landscapes across Europe, the US, and the Middle East. The company has offices in Milan, Greenwich, Connecticut, and Dubai.


John Barnes, President Cavallino Inc said, “I have dedicated a lifetime to building the Cavallino community with a passion for all things Ferrari and it is a business with an impeccable reputation. I received several offers for the business, but I wanted it to be part of an ecosystem that serves the Ferrari community and where it can thrive. In Luigi, the Canossa team, and the wider Motorsport Network group, I have found the ultimate platform run by people who share my passion and vision.”

Luigi Orlandini, Canossa Events CEO said, “I am delighted to welcome John and the Cavallino team to Canossa. We share the same passion for classic and sports cars, and especially for the Prancing Horse. Those “works of art on four wheels” are part of the history of mankind since the late 19th century and preserving this heritage through old and new generations is our common mission.

My dream is to bring Cavallino to new heights, growing in size, quality, and global presence, thanks to the help of my team of passionate professionals, and thanks to the many synergies that exist in Motorsport Network.


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