Calls for local councils to do more in a move away from private car ownership

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Politicians and environmental experts have been calling for fewer vehicles on the road to deal with the high level of emissions we see in many cities. Safa Alkateb, CEO at Autocab, analysed how mobility hubs could make up for any voluntary or enforced reduction in the amount of private vehicles.

Speaking exclusively to, he said: “In theory, mobility hubs bring together a variety of transport options into one consolidated network.

“These networks make it easier to switch between multiple modes of transport – with the end goal being to reduce reliance on private cars.

“This could take the form of a single platform or ‘super app’ where passengers can plan, book and pay for their journeys using multiple transport options such as bus, train and even e-bike.

“However, the main issue currently with initiatives like these is that, for the most part, transport across the UK remains siloed due to a lack of ‘joined up’ thinking from operators. 

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“Both traditional operators and newcomers – such as e-bikes and e-scooters – are competing for market share rather than working harmoniously together.”

There have been numerous calls in recent months, calling for a reduction in the number of privately owned cars for the benefit of lowering levels of emissions.

Transport Minister Trudy Harrison MP previously called for more support for alternative schemes including car clubs, bike share schemes and e-scooters.

She said the UK is at a “tipping point” where shared mobility will soon be a “realistic option” for many Britons.

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The MP for Copeland also said the country needs to move away from “20th century thinking centred around private car ownership”.

Mr Alkateb also called on the Government and local authorities to do more to support the transition from private vehicles to mobility hubs and shared transport methods.

He continued, saying: “Local councils must be more proactive in guiding these initiatives – getting more operators on board in order to create an integrated public transport system that truly rivals private car journeys.

“A great starting point would be conversations with all transport operators – including local taxi and private hire companies, which play an important part in bridging the gaps between other forms of transport.

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