BYD Reveals Ultra-Safe Blade Battery: Pierces It With A Nail

BYD Blade Battery leverages safety and improves volumetric energy density. Blade Battery will debut in the BYD Han (June 2020).

The Chinese battery and EV tycoon BYD officially launched its all-new Blade Battery, which within the next few months will debut in first electric models.

The Blade Battery is essentially a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, but in a new approach to significantly increase safety and volumetric energy density as well as reduce costs.

“At an online launch event themed “The Blade Battery – Unsheathed to Safeguard the World”, Wang Chuanfu, BYD Chairman and President, said that the Blade Battery reflects BYD’s determination to resolve issues in battery safety while also redefining safety standards for the entire industry.”

To improve the batteries, BYD changed the conventional prismatic LFP cells into thinner and longer cells, which were designed to become structural parts (beams) of the pack. That simplifies the pack design.

BYD Blade Battery