Brits Want Sales Of Gas And Diesel Cars To Cease Before 2035

Electric Vehicle Association England is pushing for a 2030 ban on the sale of new ICE vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England, a new consumer association, has been launched to support the interests of current and future electric vehicle owners in England.

Similar associations already exist in Scotland, Norway, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA, and EVA England will officially be launching later this year.

EVA England has already conducted its own survey regarding the UK government’s planned phasing out of the sale of traditional combustion vehicles and 82 percent of the 1,114 respondents feel that the rule should be brought forward from 2035, with 60 percent saying that a 2030 phasing out of ICE vehicles would be a good idea.

The survey also showed that almost all (96 percent) believed that an earlier phasing out of ICE cars would have a positive affect on public health, while 72.9 percent said that it would also have a positive affect on the UK economy.