Britons risk being slapped with fines when driving in Europe for little-known offences

Driving abroad: RAC's tips for driving in Europe

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Thousands of drivers are expected to drive to Europe this summer after flight cancellations and airport chaos at most major UK hubs. However, motorists are being warned of fines when driving in some of the most popular tourist destinations in the coming months.


Britons driving in France could be fined for driving in flip flops because they can easily slip off and get caught under the pedals.

R412-6 of the Code de la route – the French version of the Highway Code – states that all drivers must constantly be in a condition to carry out manoeuvers conveniently and without delay.

In 2015, a woman in Toulouse was fined €90 (£76) for wearing flip flops when driving because they were “not attached” to her feet.

She said: “I really thought she was joking. But no. I left with a €90 fine – the price of a pair of shoes.”

As a result of the R412-6 rule, drivers also run the risk of getting fined for eating food or applying make-up when at the wheel.

Until 2020, drivers were required to keep at least one disposable breathalyser kit in their car at all times.

Drivers could face fines of €11 (£9.30) if they were stopped by police and did not have one until the Government scrapped the practice two years ago.

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If any drivers wear glasses or contact lenses, they are required to keep a spare set in the car when driving in Spain this summer.

Spanish laws also state that the front passenger cannot put their feet on the dashboard while the vehicle is moving or they could face an £85 fine.

Other potential fines for driving offences in Spain include throwing a cigarette from the car, eating ice cream while driving and being behind the wheel while wearing a cap or hat that covers the ears.

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Drivers can face fines if they take their hands off the steering wheel.

The law states that “raising their hand from the vehicle unnecessarily” is strictly enforced and there are many signs around the island warning drivers to keep their hands on the wheel.

If anyone is caught driving without the steering wheel, they will be fined €25 (£21).


When driving on the world-famous Autobahn motorway network, it is illegal to run out of fuel.

It is seen as being preventable as drivers are not allowed to stop when driving on the motorway, apart from certain circumstances like if the car breaks down.

Motorists can expect to be hit with a fine of up to £60 for this, with safety warnings given for those who risk running out of fuel and all other road users.

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