Brembo Launching Brake Discs With Mirror Finish

Brembo positions them as being great for EVs.

If you’ve ever wanted to see yourself in your vehicle’s brake discs, then Brembo has a product for you. The company’s new Greentive rotors have a mirror finish. The shiny appearance isn’t for aesthetics, either, because Brembo claims these parts last longer than traditional discs and have a high level of corrosion resistance.

To give the Greentive discs their distinctive, reflective appearance Brembo covers them in a layer of coating via a process called High-Velocity-Oxy-Fuel technology. reached out to ask the company about the long-term resilience of this appearance, and we were told, “the mirror effect stays over time.”

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In addition to lasting longer than a normal brake disc, Brembo says the Greentive rotors also has less brake dust than existing parts. This means your wheels don’t get as dirty, too.

The Greentive discs have the Brembo emblem on their surface. The company also uses this logo as the method of signaling when the rotors require replacement. The business believes these components are deals for electric vehicles because of how these models use their brakes differently from a combustion-powered automobile.

Brembo indicates this coating can work on all kinds of brake rotors, including two-piece floating discs. The statement sounds like even more of the company’s stoppers could use this tech in the future. 

Brembo intends Greentive to be a portmantau of “green” and “distinctive.” The odd name is supposed to simultaneously stand for the disc’s focus on being environmentally friendly and its eye-catching appearance.

Brembo’s announcement doesn’t go into detail about pricing or availability for the Greentive rotors. We can’t wait to see them in the real world to know if they’re really this shiny after dealing with the abuse of road grit and grime.

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